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Read "The Basics of Green Burial Shrouding"
Dina's article 
on the Green Burial Council's blog.


​How Do I Place An Order?

      Use the shopping cart and check out process here on the page, you can use a credit card or PayPal. Or call me directly to make other arrangements. 

Custom Orders:

       If you would like to send us a special fabric for a Chrysalis Overleaf, or shirts for s Shirtsleeve shroud please call. We will generally need two weeks lead time. In some situations a rush order is possible. Call us and we will do what we can to accommodate your situation and needs. 


Payment and Shipping:

       Payment is accepted when you order and you should expect a two week turn around for your order. Shipping is via United States Postal Service Priority Mail Service unless otherwise specified. In New England we are sometimes able to hand deliver. 

Returns & Refunds:

       Sorry, no. 


Our Privacy Policy:

       We won't knowingly give or sell your contact information or sales history without your explicit permission, ever, for any reason. 

Is group or wholesale pricing available?:

       Call. We can talk. Discounts can be arranged for congregations, co-ops, or other groups interested in

a bulk purchase. 

Can we rock this with a DIY project?:

        Yup, you can. Shrouding has been a part of human burial rites and traditions for as long as we've been creating anything resembling cloth. You can avoid the marketplace. Or, you can mostly avoid the marketplace and let us do MOST of the work for you. Last Dance Shrouds are purposely designed to be plain as an invitation for your embellishment, a clean canvas for your own creative expression. 

​What is a shroud?

       A shroud is a cloth used to wrap and cover a body after a person has died. A shrouded body can be cremated, given to the sea, or placed in the ground directly; or can be placed first in a coffin or other carrier or vessel. 

How do we carry it?​

     Last Dance Shrouds are attached to a built in organic canvas carrier that comes equipped with a full length sleeve for an optional support board, and five handles on each side to make transporting the shrouded body as easy as possible. 

Will my funeral home know how to use it?

       Yes, Last Dance Shrouds arrive in one piece that is easy and intuitive to use. If there are any questions it is simple to reach us and we are happy to be of help. 


Do Last Dance Shrouds pass muster with natural & green burial ground guidelines?

     The white Chrysalis and Simple Gifts shrouds are green burial ready and can be interred without modification. The Shirtsleeve shroud should have any plastic buttons removed before burial, and you should confirm with the burial ground that commercially dyed fabrics are allowed. If you are planning to decorate or embellish a plain shroud, please be sure to confirm with your burial ground which materials are appropriate to use on or attach to the shroud in accordance with their guidelines. 

Will a very large person fit and be safe to carry?

     Yes. We have designed the shrouds to be especially roomy to accommodate all body shapes and sizes without modification. We have tested all of our models to safely carry a body up to 350 pounds, with 5 strong carriers on either side. 

Other questions and curiosities?

       Give a call! Send an email! Be in touch! We are happy to work with you to bring you burial cloths that meet your needs.

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