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because you CAN rock this on your own

Yes, shrouding is something you can do yourself!


A shroud is not hard to make, and while I am proud of the product we have developed for Last Dance Shrouds and humbly make it available for your needs, I am fully confident that you can do this on your own, without purchasing anything. If you are a DIY kind of person and this is your way of being ok, then folding sheets or quilts to make a shroud when you have the need for one is not complicated. You have your own intuition to rely on, because our hands and fingers and hearts know how.


If you are improvising you'll want to give thought to how the body will be wrapped, carried, and lowered if you are not using a coffin. These are the kinds of problems we worked to solve in the Last Dance design process, but its not rocket science (and I have known a few rocket scientists in my day). So, yes! You can do this for yourself and for your loved ones without purchasing much, if anything at all.

if you'd like to brainstorm or need support email

Shroud Designs
w/ Sewing and Folding Instructions
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