ecological resources for burial and cremation

Welcome to Last Dance Shrouds™. Here you will find an affordable, friendly-to-use cover and carrier that is well suited for family directed care after the end of life; a resource for home funerals and funeral homes, traditional and green burial, and cremation. 

Our hand crafted shrouds are made with 100% cotton, using organic or recycled fabrics whenever possible. Our simple designs offer a clean slate for your own decoration and embellishment. Custom options are available. Whether you are making arrangements to care for a loved one after death, or simply being well prepared, we can help with shrouds that fit just right.

Shrouding is an ancient rite that is returning to wider practice as we thread a path between technology, innovation, ecology, and spirit. Last Dance Shrouds™ provides an honest and graceful way to help your loved one bow out in style!

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