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We extend a warm welcome to Funeral Directors, Burial Ground Managers, representatives of religious communities who traditionally shroud, End-of-Life Doulas, FCA members, memorial cooperatives, and others with questions about offering shrouding to your community.

Last Dance Shrouds are sewn strong with soft cotton attached to a smooth-to-the-touch canvas carrier, with 5 handles on each side and a full length interior sleeve for a supporting board. In tests up to 300 lbs there was never an uncomfortable sag.

Last Dance Shrouds are designed to be an ecological choice, easy to use, and a comfort to your hand.

The colorful overleaf on the Chrysalis shrouds in photos here are examples of a custom order. We can help you find organic or recycled textiles. We can also incorporate special clothing or a family's heirloom textiles, such as tablecloths and quilts. 

If you have immediate need call the number below.
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