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The 100% cotton Chrysalis Shroud, available in white or with a custom overleaf (as shown), has wings that fold over the body from foot to head and head to foot, with wide ties that come around from back to front, holding your loved one snug and secure. Flowers, messages, and mementos can be tucked into the ties, and the shroud can be embellished in any way that pleases you. 


Many of the fabrics we use are grown, milled, woven, and dyed here in the United States. The colorful butterfly overleaf on the Chrysalis shroud in the photo here is an example of a custom order. This option is dependent on what is available in our stock and from our fabric supplier. We can also use fabrics you send us, such as tablecloths, quilts, and clothing. Be advised there may be an additional charge for handling special textiles.

Chrysalis Shroud (shown w/custom overleaf)

  • Last Dance Shrouds come attached to a built-in canvas carrier that is equipped with handles that also can be used by pallbearers to accommodate carrying poles. There is a 10" interior pouch for a supporting board if you choose to use one. In most cases the shroud can easily be carried by three people on either side. Please contact us if you wish to discuss custom options.

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