Welcome to Life Forest

The first eco-friendly forest cemetery for cremation burials.


"When I found Life Forest it seemed so perfect for me. It was perfect for my goals, it was perfect for my values, and it was perfect for my final resting place." - Kate W.

"Having little experience with such services I was very pleased to find the team at Life Forest to be informative, responsive and very compassionate. It's a truly unique place, and a far better solution than any traditional cemetery."

 -  Benjamin K.

Life Forest is my destination for life's adventure to continue. A beautiful space in my native state where my friends and family can join me in discovering the beautiful nature around us once again after we pass." - Amy S. L.



The size of the burial plot that you choose is directly related to the size of the tree you plant as your memory tree. The length of the roots and reach of the branches need to be respected in relation to other trees, and each unique tree needs the appropriate amount of space to grow and thrive. 

You will be provided with a CERTIFICATE OF INTERMENT RIGHTS for your loved one with the exact GPS coordinates.

Life Forest® Burial Plot Data is legally recorded with the Hillsborough County Registry of Deeds. All names of burials as well as Interment rights are recorded and protected here.

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