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Welcome to Last Dance Shrouds

Shrouding is an ancient rite that is returning to wider practice as our society reconsiders 

the way we approach end-of-life and after-death care. By having more open conversations about death, we are able to plan life celebrations and memorial tributes as well as responsible disposition of earthly remains; weaving together old and new traditions and death care practices with threads of innovation, ecology, technology, and community.

Our hand crafted shrouds are made with 100% cotton, using organic, upcycled, and rescued 

 fabrics whenever possible. Our simple designs offer a clean slate for your creative decoration and embellishment. Send us your heirloom textiles for bespoke and custom shrouds.

Whether you are making arrangements to care for a loved one after death, or simply being well prepared, we can help with shrouds that fit just right.

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heirloom quilt circa 1860 multi-colored star pattern on white

 This is an heirloom quilt (sewn in the 1860's) that we made into a matching set of burial shrouds. They'll be used eventually for  home burials on the family farm. I don't have adequate words for the adventure of meeting the quilt maker's great grand daughter, learning about the fabrics in the quilt, and delivering the finished work into her hands. Shroud making is personal and up close in a way that little else is. 

We have three basic shroud designs (Simple Gifts, Chrysalis, and Shirt Shrouds) that we keep in stock for immediate need. All Last Dance Shrouds come equipped with sewn in handles and carrier, and an ample sleeve for a body board. When circumstances allow time for planning we'll help you select special fabrics, clothing, or heirloom textiles. 

Shrouding & Textiles
a conversation and demonstration in 3 parts
featuring Dina Stander & Kathryn Swanson

(turn the volume up for sound, the actual shrouding of Kathryn happens in part 3, she lives to tell about it)

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